The First National Bank of Chrisman
The First National Bank of Chrisman


Short History of the First National Bank of Chrisman

On October 12, 1903, an application was made to the Comptroller of the Currency to reserve title for the First National Bank of Chrisman.  On October 15, 1903, approval was received and title was reserved.  Articles of Association were executed on December 19, 2003, by the following subscribers who were also appointed directors:  Jesse B. Lindley, Silvanus W. Neighbors, Alfred W. Lindley, Jonathon Lindley, William T. Watson and Noah Gaddis.

The bank opened for business February 1, 1904.  It was temporarily opened in a room owned by A.E. Schnitker on the south side of the square.  The new bank building was then in a planning stage.  The bank moved into the present location upon its completion in 1904. 

As the community grew and prospered, so did the bank.  It has always been recognized as one of the more financially secure banks in Eastern Illinois, and one of its proudest days was when bank officials were notified by the Comptroller of the Currency to open for business the morning after the “Bank Moratorium” in 1933.  On that date all the banking business in Edgar County was done at the First National Bank of Chrisman.

The bank looks forward to the future with confidence and anticipation.  We will continue to serve the community into the future, as we have in the past, by adhering to the highest standards of conduct and responsibility and by remembering that our success depends upon our satisfied customers.  Special thanks to all of our customers:  Past, Present and Future.














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